Zotero 2.0 integration API


I once wrote a simple gedit plugin to embed citations and bibliographies from Zotero into LaTeX documents (see this thread). It used the SOAP API that I reconstructed from Zotero’s debug messages.

Now since Zotero 2.0, this plugin doesn’t work any longer. I didn’t find the time to look into the new integration API for a while, but now I wanted to start updating the plugin. Unfortunately, the Zotero debug messages are hardly helpful, I only get messages like:
zoteroOpenOfficeIntegration: Passing through setCode call
zoteroOpenOfficeIntegration: Passing through setText call
zoteroOpenOfficeIntegration: Passing through cleanup call
So where could I find information about how to call the integration API now? Any hints welcome.

  • The SOAP API is dead. Integration plug-ins are now implemented as Firefox extensions implementing the methods in idl/zoteroIntegration.idl, which probably won't work for your purposes. MozRepl, which Dan linked to in your previous thread, is one option.
  • Thanks for your information!

    Maybe implementing that as a Firefox extension would even be the better, more powerful way, but probably more work. I’ll see if find the time to look into that.

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