doesn't trigger translator

I guess the topic title says it all. insists on redirecting my searches to I then get no zotero icon in the FF address bar, so have to manually remove the '.au', and refresh. That gets the translator working, but presumably it should work with the .au version.
  • Core devs - can you open a ticket for this and close it with the following FIX?

    Change target regexp of Google Scholar translator from '^http://scholar\.google\.[a-z]+/scholar'

    Question: Current translator already matches:
    How does it do this???
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    cartesian: Zotero translates EZproxy URLs before the regex comparison, so it's only comparing, not

    We'll change the regex so it accepts domains like (and Thanks.
  • Pushed an updated translator. Thanks.
  • That's great, thanks guys.
  • It doesn't work for Could that be due to the translator?
  • It doesn't work for Could that be due to the translator?
    Define "doesn't work".
  • The site ( works fine for me
  • I tried, and I am only able to capture Zotero references if cookies are enabled for If cookies are not enabled, the "Could not save item" pop-up appears. With cookies allowed, both capturing from the address bar and capturing using the "Import into Endnote" link (set in Google Scholar preferences) work fine for me.

    So, mark, do you have cookies enabled for
  • I'm sorry, normally I am on an all-English system and there it does work. But it didn't work (as in the red box appearing but nothing being saved) on a system with the Dutch version of Firefox. I got it working by installing the English version of Firefox; I didn't like the Zotero interface being partly in Dutch anyway.
    Which makes it impossible now to determine whether the problem was the language or the cookie. So it might indeed have been the fact that I had cookies disabled for (though I normally do enable cookies on Google).
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