we're thinking of using zotero as a the front end of purchasing system for our
library. users/library selectors would save items into one or more shared folders --
data would be pulled via the zotero api into an ordering system, approved or rejected, and the progress of the order tracked throughout the process.
my question: we'd like to save the PRICE as part of the zotero metadata --
is there a way to hook into the various translators to save this?
thanks for your help!
  • Did you end up implementing something in this line?
  • I was not very happy in that we ended up not using zotero, as a result, the whole
    process is very clumsy. But i could not figure out how to make sure the shared
    folder was synchronized quickly enough, in addition to all sorts of other
    problems. It still seems like a good idea, though.
  • That's a shame, but thanks for the info. Yesterday I pitched the concept to a book supplier that dropped by my office, and I promised to follow up with news of other implementations. I guess that will be a short message. :)

    Less work might be required now. We have the locate menu to play from. Duplicates detection is in the pipeline, and that would allow staff handling orders to control for duplicate submission, even if simultaneous submissions from unsynced accounts resulted in duplicate requests.

    All things in time, I suppose.
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