APA problem?

Failing to save details from http://psycnet.apa.org/psycinfo/2010-14094-001/ (APA's PsycNet), not had this problem before. Getting a 'cannot save' message. When I hover over the Zotero save icon in the address bar, it says 'Save to Zotero (DOI)'. Presumably this is the incorrect translator, or else APA has a problem with how they set it up?
  • I found this as well. When I clicked on the top bar, I got the box on the bottom right as if it was going to save in Zotero, then it went away... and nothing ended up in my library. I just added it from the DOI and it worked, but there must be some problem with Zotero and PsychNET.
  • Hello, we have just transferred over to the APA PsycNet platform for all of the APA databases- PsycInfo, PsycArticles, PsycBooks, and PsycExtra. These do not seem to be compatible with the current version of Zotero. The icons appear in the URL bar but when you try to import it says that it is unable to do so. I was told by a graduate student that it worked prior to this latest update, but only when you tried to import one article at a time not when you are looking to import multiple articles from a folder.
    Thank you.
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