rename all pdf files in a collection.

the new rename with metadata is a nice feature. but after importing a large number of pdf files into zotero, I have to rename each files.
Is there any way to do this automatically?
the workflow i have for my old pdf literature files are:
drag all pdf into zotero
search metadata from google scholar
open each item
rename pdf

the last 2 step is really time-consuming. any ideas?
  • edited July 19, 2010
    Do a saved search for attachment-type is pdf AND
    Date added after xxxx
    In the saved search all of the items will already be open - you can control click on all of the pdfs (you'll still have to click on each one individually, but that's quick) and then right-click --> rename

    edit: right - see below - you actually _don't_ have to individually click pdfs - you can just use ctrl+a and it will only select the pdfs
  • I think I have a simple solution:
    the problem I had before was that there was no way to just select all pdf files in a collection without selecting corresponding library items.
    but now i know how to do this:
    click a collection. and search "pdf" + enter
    all the pdf files in this collection are shown.
    ctrl+a (select all pdf files, but not the library items)
    right click and select "rename with metadata"
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