Display Bible Verse References in Zotero?

I have a small application that is able to display Bible verse references (i.e., Jn. 3:16) in a small popup window as you hover your mouse over the verse. Could this be integrated into Zotero for biblical and theological researchers who often find themselves viewing web pages that have Bible references, but with no immediate way to view the text of the Bible verse?
  • Perhaps you can clarify this for me a little bit. You mean you'd like to be able to see the biblical _text_ when you mouseover a verse _reference_ in a web page? This kind of thing might be possible as a Firefox plugin, and (like other such plugins) could easily exist alongside Zotero, but would have no advantage that I could see in being integrated inside Zotero itself, even as a Zotero plugin. It seems that sort of functionality is separable from Zotero's chief functions, roughly: to capture, storage, annotate, keep metadata and cite. Any captured page displayed in Zotero is treated as a 'regular' web page. Links (and any mouseover tricks that could be added) would be available there as well.
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