Turabian Citation

  • For Bib spacing - while this can in general be done in Zotero/csl, it's a bit messy and doesn't work super well - I'd just wait until your done with everything, save a copy of your document, then remove Zotero field codes and manually adjust the bibliography spacing (i.e. select the bibliography and adjust the setting to add 6pt space between.

    For the Endnote question - a) spend some time searching the forum and b) if you don't find anything useful, start a new thread and explain exactly what you're trying to do.
  • Thanks for creating the Turabian (Author-Date) style. When I use the style, I'm getting quotation marks around journal articles. According to chapters 18-19 on the parenthetical citation, no quotation marks should be used. Is there a way for me to automatically correct this as apposed to changing every entry? Thanks!
  • well, it's complicated - Turabian is supposed to follow Chicago Manual of Style in all major aspects. CMoS changed the quotation marks for articles from its 15th to its 16th edition, but Turabian's latest edition is still based on CMoS 15.

    I think you're in the spirit of Turabian using the current style.
  • I'm using Turabian Style (Full Note with Bibliography) on Zotero 2.1.10 with Word Integration 3.1.4. I need the notes to appear in Arabic numeral format rather than Roman numeral format. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  • that's a setting in Word, not Zotero. Shouldn't be hard to do, but I can't help you on that.
  • Found it adamsmith. Thank you. In Word 2007, go to References tab, Footnotes section, then click on the little down arrow in the lower right hand corner.
  • I'm using Turabian Style (Full Note with Bib.) in Zotero 3.0.8 and I'm having some problems getting the titles of books and journal articles to be in title case rather than sentence case.

    When importing items, I usually make sure the title is in sentence case (using transform text if not) b/c I demonstrate Zotero to classes using many different styles and sentence case seems to lead to the best results with the most citation styles.

    In the Turabian Note-Bib style, I can only get my citations and bibliography to have the correct title case if I manually change the title to title case in the individual item record.

    I've looked all around and Turabian (7th ed.) still uses title case for book titles and journal articles in the N-B format while it has changed to sentence case for book titles and journal articles in the author-date format.

    Am I misunderstanding something or is this something that can be fixed in the next update of the Turabian Full Note with Bibliography style?
  • I can have a look. In general I don't like forcing title case on journal titles - a good number of them are not in English (even if they publish in English) and that creates chaos. Book titles are no problem.

    (also - any particular reason you have to use Turabian? I wish people would just use Chicago Manual).
  • Thanks for your reply and suggestion to not manually transform journal titles.

    Re: Using Turabian---Our campus uses 3 official styles: MLA, APA, and Turabian. As a current librarian (and a former historian used to Chicago), I don't understand it either. But I've only worked here for 2 weeks and so probably can't start an uprising against the use of redundant citation styles quite yet.
  • fair enough. I'd much rather colleges use some type of standard than come up with their own, so in the larger scheme of things your situation is not so bad. I'll let you know when I get a chance to look at Turabian.
  • this should be fixed now - the Turabian style on the repository will title case book titles for chapters (and conferences).
  • Thanks so much for the fix!
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