Import predefined tag lists

Albeit not having found previous discussions on this topic...
Sometimes it helps having predefined tags. Say your keen on tagging articles relevant to different diseases and want to stick to the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases (e.g. ICD-10). The data comes in as handy ASCII text with 76135 separate diagnosis (now that's not very handy ... - just take it as it is for demonstration purposes). Now,
1.) is there a way of importing predefined tag lists directly into Zotero, or
2.) use sqlitebrowser or equivalents and merge them with the tag table?
  • I'm not sure, but I imagine that such a huge number of tags might slow down Zotero. And are your ever going to use more than, say, 100 of them? It would seem to me that the trouble of keying in terms as they become relevant far outweighs the trouble of importing them all and have the bulk of them sitting dormant clogging up your memory.
  • Create a dummy reference that contains all of the tags in one of the standard formats that Zotero can import?
  • Mark - 76135 tags is obviously slightly crazy, it was just an attempt to make a point.
    noksagt - that's actually a work-around that I hadn't thought of; thanks!
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