Style Error: Academy of Management Review (dev)

First, thanks to whomever is responsible for developing this style.

Second, it contains an error with respect to punctuation following a book or book section. I would fix it but don't know how, so if anyone is able to do so, I (and I'm sure many others) would very much appreciate it.

Currently, it outputs a comma following the book title (for a book) or the page numbers (for a book section). In both cases, the comma should be a period.

Here is an example of what it currently does:
Lant, T. K. 2002. Organizational cognition and interpretation. In J. A. C. Baum (Ed.), Blackwell Companion to Organizations: 344-362, Oxford, UK: Blackwell.

And what it should do:
Lant, T. K. 2002. Organizational cognition and interpretation. In J. A. C. Baum (Ed.), Blackwell Companion to Organizations: 344-362. Oxford, UK: Blackwell.

Thanks very much.
  • Thanks for reporting - fixing that by itself is easy, but it'll probably affect other item types, so I need to have a closer look, but should be fixed soon.
  • Thanks very much for your efforts and your courtesy.

    Best regards,
  • OK, actually was easy - it's fixed on the repository now, might take a couple of hours to show up (you'll see the updated date behind the style in the repository).
    Let me know if that did it and please check that I didn't introduce any additional problems.
    I also took out the italics for volume numbers, which aren't use in AMR and were a left over from APA.
  • Thanks!! Management researchers everywhere also thank you. Good catch on the volume numbers - I noticed it earlier but got used to changing it.

  • Hi!

    First of all thanks for all your work. It's great! :)

    Right now I just wanted to ask if this style sheet for AMR is still under development or if there are any known issues associated with it?

    Actually I am looking for a style sheet for the AMJ, but as AMJ and AMR use the same style guide, I could also that one for AMR, as long as it works. I am just a little afraid that it might mess up my documents, if it still marked "dev".

    What do you think?

    Best regards
  • "(dev)" is currently attached to all non-bundled styles—it doesn't actually indicate whether the style is under development. But styles are safe to use. They can't mess up your documents, and you can always switch to another style.
  • Dear Stan

    Thanks a lot. Then I will use this style.

    Maybe someone could change the topic of this thread to [SOLVED] yada yada ...

    Best regards
  • to be clear - you should double-check your citations against the stylesheet. There is no guarantee that everything is perfect with any Zotero style. That's also the reason why this thread should stay open, in case anyone else finds something that needs fixing.
  • Can I suggest that the style be renamed to Academy of Management? All AoM journals use the same style just as all APA journals use the same style (I presume). It wouldn't be right to call the APA style "Psychological Bulletin" would it?
  • @alimba, I'd rather not because this makes finding the journals a bit more tricky. But what about adding "dependent" (=identical) names for "Academy of Management Journal"?

    I just did that for AMJ (it is as simply as adding this: and AMJ will show up in soon. Any more aliases that should be added?
  • Actually it already shows up.
  • Frankly, I think it makes it more confusing if there is a style listed for each journal - even though the styles are the same the fact that several are listed may make someone wonder if they are different. Plus creating styles for each journal just makes the list of styles much longer than necessary. Imagine listing a separate style for each APA journal! All 4 AoM journals have names beginning with "Academy of Management" so someone searching for any of those would easily find a single style called "Academy of Management". This is how refworks does it and I think it makes a lot of sense.
  • We actually do list all the known styles per journal, there are, for example, probably 200 styles that follow Vancouver or NLM in the repository.
    It doesn't matter which style someone installs - they're all the same - so the confusion you mention doesn't matter. On the other hand, someone might _not_ know that they're all using the same style. So this should stay the way spaetz made it (thanks!).
  • I have another question related to the AMR or AMJ style. For some reason when I insert a citation using the Zotero Add-in in MS Word, SOMETIMES I get the first name (or initials) and last names of the authors in the citation. I'm not sure why it does it because it does not always happen. I've gone into Zotero to see if there is any difference in how those citations are recorded, and there does not seem to be.
    Is this a glitch in the add-in, or am I doing something wrong?
    The fix is that I click on "Show Editor" and manually make the change in the citation pop-up box, but it would be nice if I didn't have to do that.
    Also, I'm wondering if it would make sense to not include the parentheses in the standard insertion of a citation in the body of the text. The reason for this is that sometimes the author's name is used in the text, in which case the parentheses have to be manually edited.
  • 1.
    (and don't use show editor - mind the warning displayed when you do)

    2. Check "suppress author" when the author is used in the text. Again, don't edit them manually.
  • Thanks so much. That was very helpful. I figured that it had to be something like that. I really appreciate your help.
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