Storing URL from selected text

The new feature of creating a new note, or copying to an existing note (nice!), from selected text via the right click menu, is very welcome. However, it doesn't store the url from the site the text was taken from. Obviously this information is important, but I guess with the note format its not easily stored. You can't associate notes with linked or snapshots of a webpage either, though you can with references, which is a good feature. A solution would be to whenever you create a note from a webpage, it gets added to the link to the webpage item, rather than just as note, plus I would recommend allowing associating of notes with links and snapshots. An alternative solution would be to paste the url with the text in the note, but I think the other suggestion is preferable.
  • Just realised you can associate notes with a item:webpage, as opposed to snapshots and linked pages, so I will be doing that instead of using snapshots and linked pages, but main point about url capture still applies.
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