What's the functionality "follow" for?

In my group library I have the possibility to follow somebody and on the other hand I can see who is following me. We tried to play this function inside our group but until now I couldn't see what this function is for.
Who can give me some explanations?
Thank you!
  • Hi again,

    is there anybody who knows anything about the function "follow"? Why should I follow somebody?
  • At the moment its not particularly useful. Mostly just for making it easy to find people whose libraries you may want to check out on a regular basis (if you're maintaining a group with these people that works just as well). There are plans for things like a library activity stream for all of the people you follow, but we haven't gotten to that yet.
  • Any progress on adding this functionality?

    E.g., if there were an email notification when someone has updated/added refs to a group that one is subscribing to.
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    you can use the RSS feed of the library/collection for that. If you want e-mail notifications instead of RSS, use IFTTT to trigger an e-mail.
  • Sorry, Adam, but what is IFTTT?
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