Indexing the content of the attached actual website

I have attached a link to the actual website to many references (inside the paper-clip menu) and have the opened pdf document of the relevant reference open in the actual website. This works realy fine.
When clicking once on the linked line of my reference, on the right site specific information become visible. One point is "indexed" but its answered with "no".
Is there any way to index the content of those linked websites (which are displayed pdf documents with activ OCR)?
  • I don't quite understand what you have - is the item linked a pdf or a webpage snapshot?
    In either case you can click on the green arrows next the Indexed: No and Zotero should index the page.
    If not, look at the seach tab of the Zotero preferences and see what it says there.
  • The pdf is safed on our local server, and I have opened the pdf within Mozilla and have attached the link to the pdf as "link to actual website" (by using the paper-clip icon of zotero).
    until now zotero tells me it is not indexed, and there is nothing to click to start indexing. May be it isn't possible to index something that is linked as website?
  • ah ok - what doesn't work is the combination you're using:
    Websites are indexed when you use the link function - but only their html content, not pdfs.
    Is there any way you could link to the pdf as a file? That'd get you indexing.
  • As I use a group library together with collegues it doesn't work to attach a link to a file because zotero safes the file locally, right?
    But nevertheless - thank you.
  • The pdf is safed on our local server,
    I just thought you could get a file path to the file on local server.
  • If I use the "attach stored copy of file" function than its only stored locally on my own machine and not available for my collegues.
    If I include a storage path in the advanced preferences section than zotero freezes as soon as a second person uses the same path....

    Did you mean the last option?
  • nono - don't use the same storage directory for everyone. That will corrupt your database.

    Right - using attach stored copy of file would only work for you - unless you use Zotero storage, in which case you could sync attached files.

    Otherwise I don't know - if you want to share files on a network you're mostly on your own - it's not super simple doing that through Zotero - some people use the "link to file" option and then have it point to a common folder on a network drive, some people have been waiting for the release of Zotero server code (that is going on right now), but there are no easy cookie cutter options.
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