Documents in storage not listed in zotero

I have several pdf's with the same name viewcontent.pdf in zotero/storage folder. But they're not listed in zotero. I just found one viewcontent.pdf ocassionally by browsing storage folder.then I made a search by filename and there are 7 such items and none of them I could find in zotero, there were added to zotero as standalone copies of files not associated with any reference. I usually add files from web this way (by drag'n'drop method) and a way after add them to the manually created reference items. Don't even know if there are other such documents in my zotero/storage folder. Is there a way to make them appear in zotero interface? And is there any way to make shure that everything I have ever added to my library is acessible via zotero interface?

I'm working on firefox 3.5.9/zotero 2.0.2 on Debian Linux OS

Thanks in advance.
  • I understand that my English is far from being perfect. And if in what I'm asking there is something unclear please tell me and I'll try to rephrase.

    I just think that guys who write this software could know the answers to my questions. I've been using zotero for about 3 years from it's 1st version collecting a lot of information for use in phd thesis. The collection size is now about 2 GB and of course I can't remember everything that I've put in it. So I'd be very thankfull if anybody could point me the right way.
  • After analyzing the content of the storage folder I found that there were some other files which are not in the zotero database. Those are several files of the same name mail.pdf, and as I remember those were the files I added to zotero from my gmail mailbox by drag'n'drop method. What should I do better, delete corresponding folder in storage and re-add items to zotero or is there any other method?
  • Did you drag these files into the Zotero interface, or into the storage folder?
  • Into the Zotero interface of course
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