Fully Justified bibliography

I'm trying to adapt the available IEEE Zotero style to fulfill the requirements of the HICSS conference (http://www.hicss.hawaii.edu/hicss_44/44formatspecinitial.doc).
All text in the document must be fully justified, including bibliography. However, after extensive search I can not find how to for fully justification in the CSL file.

Thanks in advance
  • While Zotero can't do this, you should be able to do that in Word/Ooo without any problems - either by manually changing it or by defining the bibliography style (i.e. the Word/Ooo style, not the Zotero one) to be justified.
    Any reason that wouldn't do?
  • Thanks Adam,

    I'm aware that I can define the style within Word/Ooo, I was just checking if I could "force" this with the CSL like I'm able to do with the indentation.
    By the way, where do I find information about documenting inside the CSL code that most of the modified style (for the HICSS conference) is in reality the IEEE style with minor changes? I.e. to give the full credit to the real authors and just mention the modifications made.

    Thanks again
  • so the answer on "forcing" justification is no for the current csl - I'd have to look that up for the forthcoming 1.0, though.

    As for the other question - I wouldn't worry too much about giving credit - I don't think anyone here is super-obsessed about that - obviously you should keep the IEEE authors and contributors as contributors of the new style.
    I do think, though, it'd be useful to signal that the style is very close to IEEE - the best way to do that is probably to write it into the summary tags ( <summary> </summary> ) of the <info> section of the style.
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