How to cite an auction catalogue?

I work in art history and do not see an item type for auction catalogue (from Sotheby's), for example. Suggestions? Enter it as a book?
  • probably as a book - depends on how it should look in a citation.
  • We need to enter auction catalogues for our research project as well. How did you end up doing this, blockeliz? We might as well be consistent. I don't quite understand what adamsmith means with 'how it should look'. Our citations are needed for ancient coins, displayed in a webportal.
  • You can take adamsmith's question at face value, so to speak. In the citation style used in your text, if you were preparing the manuscript by hand, how would you write the citation? If you are unsure, you'd either need to make a judgment call on how to write the citation, or post a query to the publishers or the maintainers of the citation manual for guidance. We can't resolve that issue here, but we can help with adapting the CSL style once the citation form has been determined.
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