conference proceedings in IEEE Zotero style

I've noticed a discrepancy between the IEEE style as defined by the publisher (see, p.8-9) and IEEE Zotero style.
Indeed, Zotero style makes :
[1] H. Yagi, T. Matsushima, et S. Hirasawa, “Improved collusion-secure codes for digital fingerprinting based on finite geometries,” Systems, Man and Cybernetics, 2007. ISIC. IEEE International Conference on, 2007, p. 948-953.

Whereas IEEE publisher style makes :
[1] J. K. Author, “Title of paper,” in Unabbreviated Name of Conf., City of Conf., Abbrev. State (if given), year, pp. xxx-xxx.

"in" before the title of the conference is missing in Zotero style, and "pp." have been replaced by "p.".

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  • Thanks for reporting
    the "in" issue looks like a bug to me - could someone confirm that this also applies to book chapters? Then I can fix this quickly.

    I can't reproduce the problem with p. and pp. - Zotero is configured to produce pp. at least in English -
    I think this is because you're using a French language copy ("et" instead of "and"-
    you can set your Zotero to export citations in English
  • Thanks for your answer.
    The "in" issue also applies to book chapters.
  • OK - I've fixed this in the repository - the new IEEE style will show up in the lower part of the repository, not up with the other 12 or so pre-installed styles.
    Install it from there once it shows up,
    thanks for reporting.
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