Zotero to Web workflow

Assuming you'd want to publish academic papers authored in Word or OOo with citations managed in Zotero, assuming you'd want to post them to the web in reasonably standards-compliant HTML, and further assuming you'd want the HTML pages to support live hyperlinks back and forth between the body copy and the footnotes as well as between the body copy and the References list.

What would the sanest workflow be?
  • For instance: OOo supports export as MediaWiki code but doesn't put bibliographical data into Wikipedia citation templates when exporting. If it did, and if, say, Drupal could be kitted out with a MediaWiki renderer, that would make for some fairly straightforward workflow for getting academic work onto the Web.
  • If you're talking about Drupal, two things of note:

    1. there is a biblio module (by Ron Jerome)

    2. he's working on adding a formatting engine analogous to what Zotero offers (and using CSL for the style files); it could probably be easily extended along the lines of what you seem to be looking for

  • I'm looking for a straightforward way to get word-processed work with Zotero-managed citations onto the web. For this to happen with a rendering engine based on Ron Jerome's Bibliography module, there'd need to be a way to export from the word processor to whatever the Biblio renderer's input format will be.

    One possible workflow based on proven and documented technology would involve MediaWiki markup as a Zotero citation style, I'd imagine, with Wikipedia Citation Templates automatically inserted into the body copy. Output of this citation style could then be saved as plain text and put through the MediaWiki parser.
  • OOo Writer currently supports exporting a word-processed document to MediaWiki source, but the output fails to format the document's citations as inline Wikipedia citation templates, rendering them as a flat References list at the bottom of the output file instead.

    This is unfortunate because the citations will need to be exported from Zotero in Wikipedia citation template format and then manually inserted into the text file.

    To make this work as expected and have the citation templates inserted automatically when exporting from OOo to MediaWiki source, could I simply file a feature request with OOo, or would the new Zotero citation renderer need to provide extra functionality as well?
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