Group library open - file access only group members


i didn't find this suggestion in the forum, so:

I miss the following option in zotero group libraries. I want the library to be open for public, but the file links should only be for group members.

In my opinion this is a simple but important feature! When i make a group library for example for a seminar, i want to send uncomplicated a link to share it with everyone, also not registered zotero users. But the files should only be accessed by people from which i know that they have the right to access them.

Is it possible to add this simple option?

  • All online file access is limited to members, and only available for Private or Public Closed groups (so some action by group owner/admins is necessary for someone to join).
  • Oh, please excuse me. I just saw that it was only the url on which i klicked when i was not logged in and not the uploaded file!So it is perfect for my needs as it is... it was my mistake.
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