Can't add citations to Word document after installing r6071

Failure between r6071 and MacWord Integration r5932 (report 1773266909). Updated this morning and new and old documents will no longer allow insertion of Zotero citation. OS X and Windows 7 both.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Simon would have to look at this, but you're aware that that's trunk (i.e., alpha, at best), right?
  • I am aware of that. I will try to migrate off to keep Zotero viable. I thought you would want to know about problems in the trunk.

    BTW, Word is 2010 and 2008, and again, neither work.

  • We're more than happy to get feedback on dev builds—just wanted to make sure you understood what you were using. The new CSL processor just landed on the trunk, so breakage is quite possible.
  • Looks like a small speed bump. The trunk xpi install doesn't work with OO either; when inserting a citation, Zotero complains that the selected style is not defined. Running the same version straight from SVN does work, though.
  • This should be fixed in r6074.
  • Success under Linux.
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