Bug: Changes on attached files only get snchronized to the WebDav server, but not to other computers

Following critical bug:

I have a file attached on computer 1. Let's say .doc. It get's synchronized to computer 2 through a WebDav server. Until this point all works as i expect.

Now i change the file on computer 2. I see through the progress bar that the file gets synced with the WebDav server. Then i looked at the WebDav server if it is really there: Yes, the file is on the server. Now the problem starts:

Then i sync to computer 1. Again i see the progress bar. But when i open the attached file it has the old content.

What is here wrong? How can i get the corresponding log files?

  • The progress bar alone doesn't tell you much. After changing the file on computer 2, are you sure file is changing on the WebDAV server? The ZIP filename will match the directory's filename.

    You can try to decipher debug output if you like, but it's a bit hard to parse if you don't know what you're looking for.
  • Yes, like i wrote i checked it and the file is correctly changing on the server: "Then i looked at the WebDav server if it is really there: Yes, the file is on the server."

    Can you say better for what i have to look with this information in the debug output?
  • Well, you said the file was there. You didn't say that it had changed, so I was just clarifying.

    If you provide Debug IDs for the various steps, we can take a look.
  • Ok, all right. I will reproduce the error as soon as possible and post then the IDs.

  • Ok, i did my best to come closer to the problem.

    Debug ID: D655556999

    What i did:

    1. Change a PDF (add text annotation with PDFXChange) and a note of my collection on Computer 1 running Windows
    2. Sync to WebDav
    3. Proof that file got changed on WebDav -> Yes, PDF shows the added annotation
    4. Reboot Computer 1 starting Linux
    5. Clearing debug Output
    6. Starting Zotero and subsequent syncing
    7. Opening PDF -> The annotation is not there!
    8. Opening preferences to get the Debug ID

    The changed note got correctly synced!

    What i proofed:

    It can not be a time problem. I checked this (this will be other times then in the debug, because i checked it in a second run).

    1. I checked the time in Windows when i was syncing: 12:09
    2. I checked the file time of the file on WebDav: 12:09
    3. I booted in Linux: 12:13
    3. I synced and checked the file: same as before, annotation is not there. BUT file time is 12:09 on the linux machine!

    This means that the file time gets updated but not the file!

    The other way around it is working: Changing file on linux machine and syncing to windows machine...

    Thanks for help!
  • Anything new to this bug? It is really critical for syncing... i already lost data because of this bug.

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