invert tag selections

I'd like to be able to invert the selection criterion for a given tag in the library/collection window. This might be done by right-clicking the tag in the selector and having a "not" option there.

For example, I have a tag for items in my library that I own, and one for items on which I have already taken notes. I would like to do the following: select tags for (say) "Russian literature" and "I own it." From this set I would like the ability to select the items where "have notes on it" = no, i.e, the subset of notes that does not have that tag. What I'd like is the ability to right click on the "have notes on it" tag and select it as an exclusive rather than inclusive criterion

Any chance of this happening?

  • ten years on. how are we doing on this matter? I would love to key selection like "keyword 1" and "keyword 2" but NOT "keyword 3".
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