No file is found after renaming from the Parent Metadata

i have the latest version of zotero (2.0.3) and after renaming from the Parent Metadata the file is no longer found with "show file" button. I played a little bit around and In my case it is the german "ΓΌ" in the titel what makes this problem.
What can I do?
  • What operating system are you using? I had this problem when I didn't have UTF-8 encoding for file names - but was using a linux OS. I don't think Windows should have this problem.
  • tanks for your comment. But I am using a windows 7 system. Encoding depends only on the system or are there special setting within zotero to enable encoding with UTF-8?
  • Well as I'm also happily using Windows 7 but without this problem, I don't know what else to suggest. Sorry.
  • This might be related to .

    That bug pops up when calling external programs (like the file browser or a PDF reader), under certain combinations of Firefox and system locale settings.

    It should be fixed in the next major release of Firefox (3.7).
  • I have stopped using "Rename file" for approximately that reason -- too often the renamed file would have a problematic filename.
  • Hi Jon Rubin and ajlyon. thats not the aticipated news but thanks for your help.
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