I noticed that, at least for the APA style, only the first initial of a hyphenated name is retained when the name is abbreviated: e.g. "Jean-Luc" is abbreviated as "J." rather than "J.-L.". I'd like the latter behavior, and tried adding

<option name="initialize-with-hyphen" value="true"/>
which should achieve the desired effect, but I see no difference. Is this functionality supported in Zotero?

  • This is the right intuition; that option (with a slightly different syntax) will trigger the behavior that you're after in CSL 1.0. The reason it's not working for you yet is that Zotero is currently at CSL 0.8.1, which doesn't have this feature. Work to integrate a new CSL processor into Zotero, which will support CSL 1.0, is in progress. Reading the tea leaves, the ETA lies somewhere between "soon" and "in due course".
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    I cannot see what is wrong with the following macro :

    <macro name="author-short">
    <names variable="author">
    <name initialize-with-hyphen="true" delimiter=", " delimiter-precedes-last="always" />

    I get the following message :

    Attribute initialize-with-hyphen not allowed on element name from namespace at this point.

    Is there something wrong with the syntax ?
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    1) make sure your style is CSL 1.0 (see )

    2) while it is not uncommon for different name variables to be rendered differently within a bibliography, we assumed that the "initialize-with-hyphen" setting would never differ within a citation style. Because of this, you have to set the attribute on the root cs:style element instead of on cs:name. (see and )
  • According to the CSL 1.0 specification, it's a global option, so you'd need to put it on the style element, rather than individual names.
  • Hi,

    Sorry for this late reply. I got sidetracked by other things. Thanks for your help. It indeed
    works !

    By the way, in French from France at least Philippe is initialized Ph. instead of P. for example. Is there a way to set a different initialization of some first names ?
  • not currently, no - that'd be quite substantial as an undertaking, too, so I'm not sure it's going to happen.
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    I can imagine. It just requires vey small changes in a text document. I indeed am not sure small changes would be worth such a substantial work. The Zotero team has done a great job so far anyway.
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