creator field brings down zotero

error log 1097758385

I can reproduce this every time: it happens when entering a name in the creator field. First, I switch to a single field, then start typing "Charles I, King of England". There is an entry on the saved entry list that matches this string, but I think it's a two-field entry. Trying to select it from the pick list for input into the single field seems to be the problem. Half of the entry--the part before the comma--may appear, but the box never turns solid. The next action I try to make will trigger a message to restart Firefox.
If I type the whole name (with comma) out manually, nothing bad will happen.

I have a *possibly* related issue that I cannot report separately, because it does not create an error: it just doesn't work like it seems it should/will. It does not seem to be possible to use the entry pick list if there is only one item that matches a partial input. For example, if I start typing "bru" it offers "Brussels" on the drop down list, but I can't pick it whatever I do. It is very similar to what happens above, only without the crash.
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    Error log 1450721036

    This still happens to me, but the above may be an overly complicated explanation. If I start entering a name in the creator field, like "Charles I, King of England," and the auto-fill list has only one match for the string, trying to select it from the list will crash Zotero. I must write the name out in full to avoid it. It seems to be associated with the single-field name option.

    Thank you
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