Cannot find compatible Pythonext for mf3.6.3, Zotero 2.02

Hi, running MFF 3.6.3, Zotero 2.02, Word 2004, MacOS10, Zotero macword 3.02b

The word plugin wont work without pythonext it wants me to instal:


When i try and install this pythonext MFF says it is an incompatible plugin and i get an error message.

What should i do ?
  • What version of OS X?

    And are you sure you're trying to install that version of PythonExt, from the installation page? What does the error message say, exactly?
  • Hi- yes it is from the installation page, I have also updated to Zotero 2.03, OS is Mac OS 10.6

    Error message is:

    Firefox could not install the file at

    because: Not a valid install package
  • That's not an incompatibility message.

    Clear your browser cache and try again. The file is valid, obviously.
  • I have cleared the cache from the tools menu, but it still still doesn't install.

    The install stops less than a meg into the download, with the same error.
  • I have tried manually downloading the file and then dropping it into the plug-ins toolbar, but the file still wont download the full 10 megs or so.

    I think the download is just dropping out/disconnecting for some reason.

    I will try downloading on a different server.
  • You can't download that version from a different server. Try with a different browser or get someone else to download it for you and send it to you.
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