Can I convert my endnotes?

I've written a book with 236 endnotes in Chicago (Note with Bibliography) style. After talking with my editor, it's clear now that it would be better not to have a bibliography. Is there any way for me to simply and quickly convert all my endnotes to Chicago (Note WITHOUT Bibliography)? I assume that the latter style would give a full citation in the first reference to each source.

Along these lines, we've also decided to dispense with superscript numbers in the text and work off the last few words of the noted sentence. Is there any way to automate the capture of these last few words and carry them down to the notes? Thanks.
  • Are the citations in Zotero?
    If so, you want to switch to "Chicago Full note with Bibliography"
    To do that, use the "Document Settings" button in the Word Plugin.
    You might than have to delete the bibliography at the end.
    The style Note without Bib won't do what you want.

    I don't think there is a way to deal with the "last few words of the noted sentence" automatically (I also don't know if I fully understand how the citations are supposed to look)
  • Thanks, adamsmith. Let me clarify. The notes are the end of a Word document, which is my book. They were created from my Zotero database using the Word for Mac plugin. I used the style "Chicago (Note with Bibliography)."

    Currently, the first reference to a source is along these lines:

    Jones, "An analysis of hard-drive speeds in the former Soviet Union" 73.

    What I want is for this first reference to contain a full citation to the source, with publisher, date etc. That way we can dispense with a separate bibliography. Subsequent references can be more limited.

    So what is the correct style choice? Is it Chicago FULL note? And is there any way to convert all my existing notes to the new format automatically? Thanks.
  • yep - Chicago Full Note is what you want.
    Yes, you can convert with three clicks using the "Set Document Preferences"
    button in the word plugin and then selecting Chicago Full Note (which comes pre-installed with Zotero).
  • That's amazing! Thanks so much, Adam. It worked like magic. Now I wonder if you'd have any theories about the moral sentiments.
  • I'm all about "fellow feeling" - that's why I'm here, after all ;-).
  • I always knew Adam Smith wasn't just about money!
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