special character search

  • Just a +1 here for forgiving search, which strips diacritics for search purposes and will retrieve both Özyürek & Ozyurek.

    This seems to me the minimum viable solution that might be useful to most users in most cases and doesn't open up the can of worms presented by normalisation etc. Would seem to be an eminently sensible default for quick search, with a checkbox in advanced search to turn it off perhaps. (Note that this is also what people are used to from Google and other search engines.)
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    The issues mentioned above have been closed, but Zotero doesn't find the paper by Özgür when I type "ozgur". Is there something I should enable to make it work?
  • No, this is still an open request. The only linked ticket is about unicode normalization, which is something different and has indeed been implemented.
  • Thanks for quick answer.
    Looks like the relevant issue is https://github.com/zotero/zotero/issues/1300

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