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Maybe it's a stupid question but I couldn't find any helping topic about that. I modified a style and want to upload it in Firefox. It seems to works but nothing appear. If I look in /styles directory, I get a _.csl
I named my file j_hepatol.csl and this is the beginning:
Where is the error?

Edit: solved and removed code
  • Can you describe the steps you went through (it's not clear what you mean by "upload")? If you want folks to look at the style code itself, the forum is not very well suited to that. A convenient method is to place the code here: http://gist.github.com/, and then post the link you get back to the forum.
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    Bahh, I just mean open it (by ctrl+O) or through Preferences, in tab style. I just want to test it locally, nothing more.
    edit : My file
  • So ... if you open the file with ctrl+o, you should get a popup from Firefox asking if you would like to Cancel or Install. If you click on Install, the popup goes away. You should then be able to open Zotero, go to Preferences, open the Style tab, and confirm that the style is in the listing. From a plugin, the Document Settings menu should show the same listing, so you can select the style and test it in the plugin. Alternatively, you can use the csledit.xul utility (the tool normally used to edti styles, although I'm not familiar with it).

    At which step in that series do things not work as expected?
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    Thanks for the source. This looks to be the problem:

    j_hepatol.csl:27:10: error: element "info" incomplete; missing required element "id"

    If you copy in an ID node from another style, and modify the last element to give a unique identifier for your style (it doesn't have to be a link that connects to an actual document on the Web), things should work. The rest of the file appears to be valid CSL.
  • AH!!! Thanks so much! I know it was something stupid!!
    I will do some testing and will submit later my style to the repository.
    Thanks for help
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    For reference, this page provides some guidance on validating styles. (Glad to hear that it works!)
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