upload changes to file rather than whole thing?

When syncing with Zotero file storage, I've noticed that every time I save a change to a (pdf) I'm working on, the entire file has to be re-uploaded to the server. For instance, merely adding a bookmark to an 87MB pdf and saving will require that the entire file be re-uploaded on next sync. I was curious if anyone is exploring more sophisticated sync options which would save a lot of bandwidth (like Dropbox, which synced the same change in about 2 seconds), or whether this is maybe an Amazonian obstacle?
  • This would probably not be possible for WebDAV file syncing, since it would require special capabilities on the server side. It might be possible for Zotero File Storage, but it would be a difficult task, and I suspect that frequently-edited, very large files are fairly rare among Zotero users.
  • I think it was clear enough that I was talking about Zotero file storage, and as for your suspicions, well, good to know.
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