Tags and synching

Congratulations - zotero is a great resource that I'm using on a rather large project.

As has been noted by others, I couldn't synch my 6000+ records online. Error report 180728701

Tags with capitals or lower case were previously considered different - I'm delighted that is now fixed as tags are added, but I've still got lots of very similar tags cluttering up my database. I'm also stuck with many, many tags that were downloaded with references. Some have *s in front, some have minor differences or spelling. Problem is the program hangs for a while each time I rename a tag, making it an impossibly long task to streamline them. Is there a quicker way of doing this? I'm hoping that maybe if the tags were tamed the whole database might slip under the synching wire.

btw, what exactly are the limits for synching online?

many thanks!
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