DB problem upgrading to version 2

While upgrading, I am asked to repair the database and use the online tool. However, this seems to have no effect and I am continously confronted with the same message about repairing the database. I can reinstall version 1 and there are no problems, but I would like to upgrade at some point. Any ideas?

Latest versions of Firefox, XP, Office 2003.

  • The most likely explanation is that you're not correctly replacing your corrupted database with the repaired one. This has been the case whenever people have reported this in the past.
  • Maybe I'm being stupid, but how can you not correctly replace it?

  • Put in the wrong directory. Replace the wrong file. Et cetera.

    It's easy enough to test this. In 1.0 go to the Advanced pane of the preferences and check the database integrity. If it tells you the database is corrupt, use the repair tool. If you're replacing the file correctly, that message should disappear before you even try to upgrade to 2.0.
  • That last point was really useful and would have saved me loads of time previously, rather than trying to go through the whole upgrade process before finding out. Could this not be added to the guidance notes for the upgrade? It is a much better way of proceeding than doing it in the middle of the upgrade process. Anyway, thanks to that I did my upgrade, synched my database and files, and 2 hours later my laptop died, so that's what I call good timing!
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