Zotero on multiple computers

I use the most recent versions of Zotero and Open Office. I began a paper at home and included several citations (using APA style). I opened the document in my office, also using the current Zotero and Open Office versions. None of the inserted citations were recognized in my office. I thought that documents would be portable thus eliminating the need to start and finish a document on the same machine. Otherwise I have to add the citations multiple times as I move the document from one computer to another. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a glitch in the program? Regardless, how can I fix this issue? Thank you!
  • you need to sync your Zotero at home and in the office to be able to work on the same document. The citations in your document "look up" the information in your Zotero database - if that database is not the same, they break - thus the need for syncing.
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