Zotero plug-in for TextEdit

Is there a way for Zotero to generate citations and Bibliographies for the Macintosh program TextEdit? For instance, a plug-in similar to the one available for Microsoft Word?

I couldn't find anything on the forums. Thanks very much!
  • no - but you can still do this, of course:
    as well as this
    Most likely TextEdit doesn't even have the capabilities for a plugin - even if it does, developers have said that they're not going to add new word processor plugins themselves, although there is always the option for a third party developer.
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    A plug-in similar to the one available for MS Word is impossible, because Textedit does not offer a rich scripting environment for Zotero to hook into.

    Your best bet is probably to insert your citations manually in the format '(Adams 2006)', save as RTF, and use Zotero's RTF scan functionality to add a bibliography.

    /edit: ah well, Adams himself beat me to it :)
  • :-)
    note that you should use {Adams 2006} with the curly brackets for RTF scan, though
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