Stalls when indexing PDFs

Grabbing PDFs (and the indexing that goes with it) is still the one place where I regularly get UI stalls. (I was getting them on syncing until recently, when I moved the data directory off my NTFS partition, for which access is apparently dog-slow in Linux)

Perhaps there's something that can be done to move indexing to a separate thread (or something) to make Zotero more responsive when attaching files?

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    Same holds for attaching PDFs from the file system. On my library (+4500 items), pdf fulltext indexing simple results in too much of a slowdown so I've had to turn it off. That is a shame of course, since it used to be one of the more important features for me. I really hope this can somehow be fixed.

    See this thread from almost 2 years ago, which mentions this ticket (still unaddressed).
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