Problems in RIS import and export of patents


when I try to import patents in RIS Format, a lot of information is lost inside zotero (patent number, patent date, application number, country, ....). As an example I tried the following example file

When exporting full patent metadata from zotero to RIS-Format, there occurs also a lost of information (patent number,...).

Which RIS Tags are recognized by zotero when importing RIS files (especially patents)? Is it possible to improve RIS import and export features?

Thanks for listening.
  • I just added a post to the "unAPI support" thread ( on this very issue. I don't have an answer but can confirm the problem.
  • Hi,

    same problem with the import of patent references from Endnote.
    No number and author recognized but listed in the main panel.

  • I see, that import of patents in RIS (also in MODS) format is a problem not only for me. Is there somebody, who has a solution or work around for this problem.

    Is it possible to fix this problem in the next version of zotero or is the problem really problematic to solve?

    To work with zotero it is for me important, to be able to import my patent collection (RIS Format) correctly into the zotero database.

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    This should be pretty easy to fix. Can someone provide a mapping of RIS tags to Zotero item fields for the patent item type (ideally checking with a few different sources for patent data to make sure the use of tags is consistent)?
  • I spent some time today editing the RIS translator using Scoffold. I've fixed most of the broken fields using the Delphion sample file as well as using the RIS unAPI output from my own dev site. The only fields not yet done are the two date fields Y1 and Y2 (publication date and filing date) as I'm not sure where to put the filing date - into the "date" field or the "issue date" field? Ideally Zotero should have a filing date field.

    What is the process for submitting changes to an existing translator? Should I post it here?

    Also, is there a standard set of tests (or testing tool) to check that edits haven't broken anything?
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    Below are the fields mappings I used, which were taken from the RIS spec (which includes an example patent, as well as the Delphion example file mentioned above):

    TY - PAT
    T1 - title
    A1 - author 1
    A1 - author 2
    Y1 - publication date (issue date)
    SP - start page
    EP - end page
    VL - application number (filing/series number)
    A2 - assignee/applicant 1
    A2 - assignee/applicant 2
    IS - patent (publication) number
    CY - country code (2 letter)
    PB - patent references
    N2 - abstract
    Y2 - filing (application) date
    M1 - IPC classification codes
    M2 - US classificatiun codes
    UR - URL
    L1 - PDF URL
    L2 - fulltext URL
    ER -

    Here is an example RIS entry that my unAPI web app produces:
    TY - PAT
    T1 - System and process for allowing wireless messaging
    A1 - Holmes, Hudson
    A1 - Munro, Rob
    A1 - Hall, Rich
    A1 - Kerr, Jason
    A2 -, Inc. (Alpharetta, GA)
    Y1 - 2001/01/23/
    Y2 - 1998/06/17/
    VL - 098899
    IS - US 6178331
    CY - US
    UR -
    L1 -
    L2 -
    M1 - H04Q_7/20
    M2 - 455466,455412,455414,455517,455445
    PB - US4969184;19901100;Gordonetal.;,US5046082;19910900;Zickeretal
    N2 - The present invention provides a bi-directional (and/or un-idirectional)
    multiplexing messaging gateway for wireless devices, such as for devices
    using the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) wireless digital
    standard, or any other suitable protocols. Electronic messages may be
    transmitted over a wireless connection to, or to and from, a mobile
    phone, and the present invention maintains and facilitates all necessary
    housekeeping functions. For example, electronic messages addressed to a
    mobile phone may be received by the gateway of the present invention
    from the Internet, a LAN, or any other source, and routed to the
    appropriate mobile phone. Such electronic messages may be originated
    manually or may be automatically generated by specific computer
    applications, such as a scheduling program operating on a LAN. Likewise,
    the user of the mobile phone may reply to the sender of the original
    electronic message, whereby the gateway of the present invention
    maintains the address of the sender and matches it with the reply so as
    to facilitate the forwarding of the reply to the correct address.
    Finally, the user of the mobile phone may cause an electronic message
    received from a sender to be remotely routed to, for example, a chosen
    facsimile machine, or any other suitable destination.
    ER -

    I will post the modified RIS translator next...
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    My modified RIS translator is below. Note: this is my first attempt at one of these, so apologies for any bugs, etc.

    If you want to try it for yourself, backup your Zotero files, install the Scaffold extension (see Developer section of Zotero site); open the RIS translator (pencil icon); paste the following JS code _over_ the existing code (delete, then past) in the "code" tab; save change (floppy disk icon), open another translator (to make changes stick)... Do a RIS import.

    Instead of including the code here (where the indenting gets out of whack), I've uploaded the file to the zotero-dev Google Group site:

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