Changes to PDF don't get synched


when i add highlights or annotations to a PDF there happens something strange: I see that a file gets uploaded when syncing starts. I also see that files get downloaded on the other client, but the changes in the PDF are not there. Can you help me how to fix this? I need my highlights and comments to get synchronized!

Thank you
  • What program are you using for annotating your PDFs?

    I'm asking because some programs save annotations directly to the PDF file (which I would expect to work fine), and some store annotations in a separate file somewhere (which would give unpredictable behaviour depending on the exact details of what the program is doing).
  • No, i use PDF-Xchange which correctly saves the annotation into the PDF. I know, some programs like Okular do such horrible things. But PDF-Xchange makes this correct.
  • Ok, I use PDF-Xchange as well and I did a quick test - adding an item to a group library, syncing it, adding annotations, syncing again, and checking the online copy. Everything seems to work fine for me i.e. annotations are getting up to the server. Unfortunately I can't test the download since I don't have access to another machine ATM (nor the time to set up another firefox profile on my current machine). Do you use WebDAV or the Zotero server for your file syncing? If the latter are the annotations visible when accessing PDFs through the website?
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