Intergration with word 2007 Citation style file - BIBFORM.XML

since word 2007 enable a pretty good citation manager, i thought the developers can make a good use of this two posts, which explain how the - BIBFORM.XML - the file that enable adding or changing citation styles within word - is build.

and maybe this can be helpful 2:

i hope this help some1, in case you didn't know about it.
  • First, the support in Word 2007 is hardly "pretty good." It does not properly support author-date styles, and does not support note-based styles at all. Moreover, to change a citation style, you have to write or edit very complicated XSLT code. And when you're done, it only works for Word 2007.

    Meanwhile, the current Word macro works in Word 2007, as well as Word 2004 (Mac), and various other versions. In addition, it is possible to have roundtripping between Word and OpenOffice Writer.

    In short, I think it's a little premature to be seriously looking at this. That said, I know at least one person that has been experimenting.
  • I agree with Bruce re. the quality of Word 2007's builtin citation support. If you REALLY want to use it, bibutils (free/open source) can convert some of the Zotero export formats into Word XML. So you can play with it. (Though, again, I'd encourage you to spend effort in helping to improve better & more open solutions.)
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