Importing from Sente (Mac)

is there any support / way / technique to import references (along with paths to locally stored PDFs) from Sente 6 (it is a Mc OS X application).

Sente exports entries in XML format (probably their own, i.e. using Thrid street software schema)

- Jacek
  • Zotero should be able to import Sente's BibTeX output (including PDF attachments).
  • thanks noksagt

    but the fields with links inside Sente exported BibText are called: sentelink
    both for URLs as well as for local files (PDFs). Will zotero understand sentelink?

    - Jacek
  • Try it and see? I don't have sente, so cannot confirm. But we attempted to add support for this in July last year:
  • I did try just now. it seems to work! wow! great! (I need to learn what the different icons mean). so, it seems the links to local file (on the same OS) work and I;d like to find out how to open links to external sources - if they are entered in addition to the local ones.
  • Sorry, I'm in the same situation (can't export from Sente) and I'm still not clear what I should do with that file that you linked to above? There's no "Export as" for Sente. So I'm afraid I need some more basic instructions, if you are able? Thank you !

  • we can't provide Sente support - the reason most of us are here is that we _don't_ use Sente/Endnote/Refworks etc.
    You'll have to find a way to export from Sente in a standard format - both bibtext (.bib) and RIS (.ris) should work fine, bibtex tends to produce more complete results.
    If you don't know and can't figure out how to do that, ask for help on the Sente support forum, which was quite responsive last time I looked.
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