Mac Word 2004 Edit Bibliography not working

I have just Upgraded to Mac Word 2004 from Mac Word X so that I can use Zotero 2.0 and use Firefox 3.6. All seems fine except for the edit bibliography which does nothing.
I am usiung Firefox 3.6 ( was 3.5), Word 2004 V 11.5.5, OS X 10.5.8, Zotero 2.02, MacWord Integration 3.0b2. Edit citation works well.

I have reinstalled the word components and created a new reference in my library just in case it is related to to my upgraded library.

Any help appreciated.

p.s. For the curious I have avoided Word 2008 due to the lack of VBA support and Word X suited me just fine until now.
  • What are you doing, exactly?
  • Installation.
    1.1. Upgrade Mac Word 2004 from Mac Word X
    1.2. Remove Mac Word X and its folder ( compressed and backed up)
    1.3. Backup a copy of the zotero 1 library
    All under Firefox 3.5
    1.4. Select the upgrade prompt for Zotero 2 - warned about need for extra bits.
    1.5. Download and install PythonExt from Zotero site
    1.6. Download and Install MacWordIntegration 3.0b2

    Test Document
    2.1. Insert Citation from Library from Toolbar into Word 2004
    2.2. Create Bibliography from Toolbar
    2.3. Highlight Citation and Edit Citation - all is fine
    2.4. Highlight Bibliography entry
    2.5. Edit Bibliography from Tool Bar - nothing happens

    Return to MacWordIntegration and reinstall bits

    3.1.Test Bibliography again as previously again - nothing happens.
    3.2. Create brand new entry from webpage into library

    3.3.Create new entry citation entry and create bibliography from toolbar - all ok
    3.4. Test edit citation - works
    3.5. Test Bibliography as previously - nothing happens

    Upgrade Firefox to 3.6

    4.1. Create new citation in word 2004 and create bibliography from toolbar - all ok
    4.2. Test edit citation - all ok
    4.3. Test edit Bibliography as previously again nothing happens

    All tried on saved documents in .doc format and Word 2004 has VBA component installed.
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