meta request: easier tools to write translators with

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    [Well, when I opened a 1.0 translator in Komodo or Notepad, I saw translatorID, translatorType, label, creator, etc. on a single line. I thought these metadata were those of the "JSON block": I'm wrong, seemingly.]
  • @fbennet and @rintze, I'd love to have a go at this new Scaffold, but I'm new to the whole bitbucket thing (and, honestly, programming in general - I believe I may be your target audience, trying to o'erleap the barriers to entry). Help me out: when I go to, the only instructions I see are "Clone this repository." I take this to mean that I should download the contents - which I've done using "get source." But where do I put them? Is there a subfolder in my firefox directory where these files should live?

    In other words, when you say, "zip up the scaffold.xpi from the sources," what exactly does that mean?

    For the record, I'm running Windows XP and Firefox 3.5.1.
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    You can download the Scaffold 2.0 (unofficial alpha) XPI from .
  • fbennett Apr 3 2010 (above in this thread)
    > documentation [for translator development outside of Scaffold is]
    > welcome -- so there's a start on it

    I hope I have extended this considerably @

    but your assistance in improving that wikipage is appreciated.
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