RTF scan output to full ZOTERO functionality

  • I've tested here with Firefox 17 and MLZ 3.0.11m310 under Linux, and with MLZ 3.0.11m310 under Windows 7 (didn't check the FF version there). If the "Include Zotero link wrappers in QuickCopy citations" box is ticked, Ctrl-Alt-A and pasting into a text file or document yields a wrapped citation in both cases.

    I guess our first step will be to compare versions and platforms. What are your versions for Firefox, MLZ, and the OS? Also, just in case, are there any other addons installed in the browser?
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    FF 17.0.1, Windows 8 Enterprise N (but I'll try on a Win 7 machine too in a bit), MLZ 3.0.11m310. Yes, I do have other addons. I'll try disabling them. Any ideas which ones might conflict? I have Papermachines and Zotero Word for Windows Integration; as well as a whole bunch of plugins.
  • Ha! My bad. I did the Ctrl-Alt-A (and C) in Firefox, but then tried to do Ctrl-C in Chrome. I now copied it into Google Docs in FF, and there it DOES indeed work. Up to the next step! Thanks Frank
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    Great to hear!
  • Thanks to Frank, we have now ironed out a few glitches and the whole thing now does work on Windows. I've posted instructions here https://rizzoma.com/topic/18126838ff7437aa668bc2f070777841/. Improvements always welcome of course!
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