jump pages to find full cites on summary pages?


I'm just trying out zotero, thanks for this fantastic app.

I'm using it successfully on my home university's catalog,

when I do a search I get a page full of summaries (e.g. http://toroprod.library.utoronto.ca/uhtbin/cgisirsi/0/0/0/5?srchfield1=TI^TITLE^SERIES^Title%20Processing^title&searchdata1=prosthetics&library=ALL&CFID=3252964&CFTOKEN=79997270)
Zotero recognizes the existence of citations here, but I guess probably because the citations are incomplete the attempt to add the refs fails. It would be great for me if I could tell zotero to check the page linked to by the various "details" links on this page, and thence scrape all the requred data. Is this something I could instruct zotero to do? Also, I notice some of the data in thisdetailed view is still hidden from Zotero (e.g. library name, which is not presented in an obvious way). What can I do to improve zotero's integration with this particular catelog?
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