Manually added, then removed, bibliography entries returning


I am having a problem with my bibliography. When ever I manually add a reference to my bibliography, the addition seems to somehow become permanent.
Let's say I add a reference to my bibliography using the 'Edit Bibliography' function. I add the references I want to add to the document. If I change my mind, and want to remove it, it again use the 'Edit Bibliography' function. When if review my bibliography afterwards, everything seems fine. If I quit Firefox and NeoOffice after saving the document, and then re-open that document, the bibliography will still reflect those latest changes. However, if I reboot, and open the document again, for some reason, all the references I have earlier added, and then removed, have returned. These entries also stack, so every time I remove a manual entry, it returns, no matter how many times I edit the bibliography, save and reboot.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could fix this?

Some software info:
OSX 10.6.2 'Snow Leopard'
NeoOffice 3.0.2 Patch 1 with Zotero OpenOffice Integration 3.0a7
Firefox 3.6.2 with Zotero 2.0.2
  • I am experiencing this as well...
    Usually I import papers from RIS files and add them in a folder...than it happens I add some other papers to my group, than import it again as a RIS files and put the papers in a folder in Zotero.
    I realized that in this way in "My library" the same paper appears many times (I guess all the times I re-imported the RIS file). OK, I manually delete all the reoccurences and than I sync the reduced library. Than Zotero adds again all the papers I deleted!! I tought the syncing was from local library to Zotero server, not the other way around, what I've been doing wrong??!!

    MacOS 10.5.2
    Firefox 3.6.2 with Zotero 2.0.2

    Thanks to all for your help!!
  • I'm not sure if we are experiencing the same issues. You are having problems with your Zotero library in Firefox, I am having problems with the bibliography in my document.

    I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I should add that if I delete one of the references in my bibliography from my Zotero Library completely, the bibliography entry will still return.
  • I'll bump this once and then call it quits.

    Is there no one who has any idea why this is happening? Does anyone have any solutions they can suggest? Is there some debug info I can attach that would help?
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