Word plugin - problem with case-transformation of Cyrillic characters

When using Russian locale for bibliography, the Word plugin seems to have problems with case-transformation of Cyrillic characters.

Suppose something like <text term="page" form="short" text-case="sentence" include-period="true"/> in the style. In the English locale it works as expected, producing "P.", but in the Russian locale the behavior is different between Word and Zotero's internal formatting. The Russian short term for page is "с" (defined in the same style) - looks like an English character, but is a Cyrillic one.

In the Zotero test pane, e.g. chrome://zotero/content/tools/csledit.xul , this term renders correctly producing "С.". However, the Word plugin gives "с.". Moreover, using text-case "lowercase" or "uppercase" may cause the Russian term to disappear completely in the Word bibliography.

This bug cause significant problems when both upper- and lowercase versions of the term need to be used (e.g. "С. 10-12" and "391 с."). However, a (weird) workaround exist, by defining
<term name="page" form="short">С</term>
<term name="page" form="long">с</term>
and using them appropriately (as is done now in style http://www.zotero.org/styles/GOST-R-7.0.5-2008-numeric/dev )
  • That is indeed odd, especially since the actual text inserted by the Word plugin is still being generated by Mozilla's JavaScript engine-- no Word bugs with case transforms should be in play.

    I don't have a solution, but rather a related question: are there Russian styles that actually use the "long" form of the page term and several other terms? My understanding is that CSL allows for locale-specific plural forms, but I don't think CSL 0.8 or 1.0 can currently handle multiple plurals (1 страница, 2 страницы, 5 страниц, 451 страница), so I'd bring it up as an issue for Frank, Bruce and others to consider for CSL 1.1, but only if the long forms of chapter, page, and other terms are regularly used in bibliographies.
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