Fast Tagging by assigning numbers to tags

I'm just culling and sorting a longish list of imported references, and it would be very very handy to have a system to fast-tag them. I have in mind something like Thunderbird's email tagging where the keys 1-5 are user-assignable to tags (or labels. I forget what they call them). If you press one of these, it assigns the tag and moves the selection to the next item.

In the case of Zotero, one might add the ability to assign a folder or a tag. And why stop at 5? I can think of 6 or 8 workflow-related tags that I'd love to have easy access to.

This would also make it easier to cull a collection. Right now the selection dissapoears after I delete an entry so I have to move my hands to the mouse, select the next one, and continue.

All of this would make it much easier to implement a research *workflow* in Zotero ("new items to consider" ->"source these" -> "get at local Library"/"order by ILL" ). As it is, it's always a bit of work to make get the item I want on the screen with the tags and folders I need to use.

It could also be if ever you want to manually sort part of your collection for any purpose: 'favorites,' 'really must see these,' 'source these at a new library' or whatever.
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