ability to sort existing citation styles


I would love to be able to sort the dependant citation styles into their similar groups. I.e. be able to look through all the Harvard (Author/Date) styles.

The one I want is not listed but I bet there is a similar one there - there's just too many of them to be able to look through them all to find the one that's closest.

Also, when I hover over a style to see the example, it is often partially off the screen - and you can't scroll to see it all. It would be helpful if the example window remained on the screen. This is the case for 11 out of the 15 default styles.

I love Zotero by the way! Thanks very much,

  • I agree that styles need to be searchable in a better way. But I'm not quite clear what exactly you suggest - dependent styles in Zotero-lingo are actually identical styles with different names - e.g. all medical journal styles who use Vancouver style don't actually have their own style file, instead the respective style just links to the Vancouver style.

    That's why you should, when looking for a similar style, always unselect "show dependent styles".

    I think what should probably happen - and should be doable quite easily - is to sort the styles by their type - notes, numeric, in-text. That would already improve things considerably.

    And agreed on the issue of partially visible style previews - that can be a bit annoying.
  • I assume this is about the http://www.zotero.org/styles webpage (and maybe http://citationstyles.org/styles/).

    I agree that the list of 1000+ styles on one 1.4MB webpage needs a reorg. I would suggest to divide it into subpages alphabetically.

    While you mention the example hovering window, could the page admin also upgrade the automatic process that generates the sample content to use the latest released CSL processor?
  • Thanks Adam,

    That did help me find a similar style - there were less to look through. I had misunderstood what dependant styles are.

    A search function that works in the way you suggested would be great!
  • "For better usability please add also the possibility to filter/sort the styles in the Zotero/Options (e.g. by date, language, Format, Fields). Date & language would be wonderful also on zotero.org/styles/ - language especially for all non-english-styles-users, as english-styles are very dominant."

    I already have posted this in the [Sticky] Packaged Citation Styles-Thread (not knowing this thread here). I hope this is viewed as a commonly useful feature for the future. ;-)
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