Word 2007 - Keyboard Shortcuts?

It's very possible I'm missing something, but is it supposed to be possible to add keyboard shortcuts for Zotero actions in Word? I'm sure I had this working previously, possibly with Word 2003 or maybe even with OO, but I can't get anywhere with it now.

I tried
Word>Office Button> Word Options>Customize>Keyboard Shortcuts:Customize>Add-Ins Tab ...

But neither that nor "All Commands" lists any of the "Zotero Insert Bibliography" etc. commands.

Has it broken between version upgrades of Zotero or Office ? I checked the Forums, but didn't find any reference to this. A quick check through Trac didn't show any obvious matches either.

  • You were almost there! In the "customise keyboard" popup you want to select "macros" rather than "add-ins tab" or "all commands", the Zotero actions should be listed there. At least in my installation of Word "macros" is listed directly underneath "all commands".
  • Thanks much - that worked perfectly. Must have slept through that section of the "Word for Dummies" course ;-(

    Curiously, selecting "Macros" in "Customize the Quick Access Bar" doesn't show any selectable commands - but the shortcuts were the main thing.
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    You can get the whole Zotero group in a popup button on the quick access toolbar, by adding the "Custom Toolbars" item from the addins tab, or just right click on any of the Zotero buttons, and choose "Add group to quick access toolbar".
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