"Added by" column in the central items table

in my mind it would be quite helpful to have an "added by" column in the central items table of zotero when working with group libraries.
  • It would, and it's planned.
  • Hi
    Still planned ?
    I don't see an "added by" column in the central items table of zotero 4.0.13 in Firefox
  • It's now available in the library view online, but not yet in Zotero locally. I believe that's still planned, yes, though I'm not sure if any time soon.
  • This would be extremely helpful. We are now a team of three, and each user struggles to make sure s/he sees and reviews those items _added by others_.

    If this column were exposed in the Zotero client, we could automatically view new activity by others.

    Is this on a road map?
  • edited October 15, 2013
    there's no change on this. It's still planned in general, but no ETA.
    (edit: 4.1 will have API based syncing, which should make this easier to add, so if it's not in 4.1, a 3rd party could more easily supply a patch for this if they're in a hurry for the feature).
  • I just wanted to add an endorsement for this feature--we're up to 20 members in our group, and when we're all working on a project at once, it's non-trivial to keep track of what each of us has added so we can curate our items and review others'. an 'added by' column would solve a real problem for us.
  • +1 on the request.
    We have a small group, but as it gets bigger we would need this.

  • Has there been any progress on this lately?
  • nothing new, no.
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