Citation Style Language 1.0

I'm happy to report that CSL 1.0 has been released:

Zotero support for CSL 1.0 should come with Zotero 2.1. Feel free to use this forum/thread for feedback.
  • that's really exciting, congratulations Rintze, Frank, Bruce - and whoever else was involved!
    Looking forward to working with this.
  • That's great! Thanks for the job.
    I am eager to see its implementation in Zotero 2.1 (?)
  • Good work! For, say, linked data developers who just want to use the vocabulary, it would be helpful to make it easier to get to the current version of the vocabulary.

    Perhaps you could generate the term summary from Mercurial?
    or something like

  • As I've just mentioned to Bruce, there are other terms I'd like:

    (1) entire journal issue (e.g. special issue)
    (2) entire conference proceedings.

    These are more to collect in my library than to cite--though I could envision citing a special issue of a journal.

    PS- Where's the best place to discuss terms, etc.?
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