Pubmed "Save to Zotero" button missing from address bar

I recently updated to Zotero 2.0.2 from 2.0. With the change, I am no longer able to add items from PubMed automatically to Zotero ("Save to Zotero" file folder and document icons) because the icons no longer appear at the end of the address bar.

I replicated this same problem by upgrading from a 1.x version of Zotero to 2.0.2 on another machine. Is this a known problem? Is there a fix or workaround besides entering the PMIDs into the "Add Item by Identifier" field?
  • Example URL?
  • Report ID 1063556871

    I am having the identical problem: after upgrading to Zotero 2.0.2 from Zotero 1.x, it is no longer possible to download any bibliographic information from two sites from which Zotero had easily downloaded info in the past. The Zotero "blue book" icon is no longer visible on the address bar of either site. Restarting zotero and firefox after correctly shutting them down has no effect on the error. The error report (report id above) appears be of the same type in every case.

    Website URLs:;
    Zotero version: 2.0.2
    Firefox version: 3.6
    Operating system: Linux

    [ If there is a better place to post this information, I apologize. ]
  • We need actual URLs where icon isn't appearing. (We know how to get to Amazon.)

    Amazon almost never breaks, though, so see Troubleshooting Translator Issues. You can also try Reset Translators and Styles from the Advanced pane of the prefs.
  • Even after Translators and Styles have been reset, the error continues to affect _all_ Amazon and U of C Library pages.

    Here are the URLs for a variety of web pages that I have tried:
  • Are you receiving it on any sites? NYTimes articles?
  • The Zotero icon is absent from the address bar on _all_ sites, including the NY Times':

    I suspect that this is a silly configuration issue, but I don't know enough about Zotero to be able to resolve it.
  • Are you getting an unresponsive script warning when you start Firefox? Are you clicking Stop Script? If so, click Continue instead.
  • Well, wait. That's not a NY Times article—the icon isn't supposed to appear there.
  • Hurrah -- the fix works!

    I was choosing "Stop Script" upon getting the "Warning: Unresponsive script" dialog (thinking, at the time, that the error was intermittent and unrelated to Zotero). Clicking "Continue" instead does indeed fix the problem, not only on the Amazon book information pages, but on NY Times articles, e. g.,

    To clarify the symptoms:

    The "Warning: Unresponsive script" error consistently occurs on computer startup IF the computer's previous session was shut down while Zotero was running in Firefox.

    However, the "Warning: Unresponsive script" error does NOT occur on startup if in the computer's previous session, Firefox (and hence Zotero) were exited before shutdown.

    Now -- what is happening? What does the script do, and why does allowing the script to continue fix the problem?
  • I doubt that, actually. After clicking Continue, I suspect you won't see the message until the next Zotero upgrade (if then).
  • Well, you might see it again, particularly if this is a slow computer or Zotero is stored on a network drive—but I don't see what this has to do with computer startup. Do you mean Firefox startup? And Zotero is always "running" in Firefox. And I'm not sure how Firefox's being open when you shut down the machine would affect anything.
  • No, I mean computer startup, followed by Firefox startup. I generally don't bother to shut down my applications upon shutting down the computer; I let the computer shut them down for me, and expect the computer to start the applications up again when next I boot it up.

    The "Zotero icon absent from address line" error is definitely replicable, and it has something to do with IceCat's running at the same time -- which means, I think, that some files common to Firebird 3.6 and IceCat may be involved.

    Here are some experimental results from a computer fitted with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+ CPU running at 2GHz. The steps were performed in the sequence shown:

    1. Shut down computer with Firefox/Zotero and other apps (IceCat, VMware, StarOffice, kAddressbook, Gimp) still running. On bootup, Firefox displays "Warning: Unresponsive script" dialog box. Choose "STOP SCRIPT." Now Firefox/Zotero start up, but there is NO ZOTERO ICON in (e.g.) Amazon book info pages. (This is the original error condition.)

    2. Shut down computer with Firefox/Zotero and other apps (as above) still running. On bootup, Firefox displays "Warning: Unresponsive script" dialog box. Choose "CONTINUE." Now Firefox/Zotero start up, and Zotero behaves NORMALLY. (This is the work-around you mentioned.)

    3. Exit IceCat, then shut down computer with Firefox/Zotero (and remaining apps) still running. On bootup, Firefox displays "Warning: Unresponsive script" dialog box. Choose "CONTINUE." Now Firefox/Zotero starts up, but there is NO ZOTERO ICON in (e.g.) Amazon book info pages. (This is a new error condition.)

    3. Restart IceCat, then repeat 1. On bootup, Firefox/Zotero behave as in 1. (This is proof that IceCat is affecting Firefox/Zotero behavior.)

    All in all, rather interesting behavior. Any ideas?
  • OK, but still, this isn't really about computer startup—it just means, most likely, that the disk and/or CPU are pegged when the computer is trying to both start up and start applications, and so you're getting the unresponsive script warning when you otherwise wouldn't.

    I put in an adjustment last night that might help a little bit with this, but I suspect it just has to do with disk cache performance on Windows and Linux. (I've never seen it on OS X.) You can try the latest branch build to see if that makes a difference. If not, just adjust the setting as described on the unresponsive script warning page. This isn't really a problem unless Firefox is actually freezing when that's set to 0.
  • Also, you haven't told us the full message you're getting, with file and line number.
  • Sorry -- not sure what you mean by "the full message." Would you like me to generate a new Report ID for one of the conditions 1. through 4. above?
  • (Of course the conditions above should be labeled 1. through 4. instead of 1. 2. 3. 3.)
  • The unresponsive script message lists a file and line number.
  • Here they are:

    Script: chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/db.js:151
  • OK, thanks. See my message above.
  • hello -- i'm a newbie -- trying to start using zotero and the blue "book" icon doesn't appear in my URL window on *any* webpage. did i do something wrong?
  • light_reading: It's better to start new threads for new issues. Read this page, and then start a new thread if necessary.
  • Hey, I'm new here too. I just read the entire thread and none of the advice has allowed me to enable the blue book icon in the address bar.

    I have restarted my laptop and I do not receive a 'warning: unresponsive script' message when I boot firefox. In fact, I get no message at all - the blue book icon simply isn't there.

    Have you come up with a comprehensive solution since the issue was first raised? If so, I would love to know.

    Many thanks.
  • Don't hit "Stop" when the unresponsive script warning comes up. If you do, Zotero will not work at all. The warning shouldn't come up on subsequent startups, if you let it run the first time. If it does persist, open a new thread and we'll look into. So restart Firefox, press Continue when it complains, and see if things work.
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    No, that's not it - MFermont says s/he _doesn't_ get an unresponsive script warning.

    MFermont - please make sure you have followed step 1-9 here:
    and then provide the information requested in 10.
  • Oops. :)

    Do what adamsmith says.
  • Upon updating my Zotero to version 4.0.8 the zotero icon no longer appears at the end of my address bar while using Firefox. Can someone help me?
  • Christina: See No Address Bar Icon, and start a new thread if necessary.
  • I am not seeing the "book" icon in any address browsers, other than amazon and google books...

    I could really use it here:
  • @sashasuda - please start a new thread. Obviously there is not going to be a URL bar icon on every page, though, especially pages without any structure data/metadata on them such as the one you link to.
  • @adamsmith I don't find this particularly helpful, as I'm not familiar with "structure data/metadata" given my field of study. I was convinced to use zotero because of it's convenience, but it doesn't strike me as very convenient given the alternative method of capturing this data.
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